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My daughter has been using the shea butter on all of her body for the past 6 months.   Her face has cleared up from acne, her skin is glowing and the best result she has had is that her stretch marks have almost completely disappeared. Talk about a confidence booster.  Amazing! 

--Brandi M.

 Quality Shea Butter


My 14-year-old daughter is on a strong prescription medication for her acne. One of the side effects is extremely dry skin, to the point where almost her entire face was flaking. We tried many different moisturizers but none of the helped at all until Moyaa Shea Butter that is!!! Within 2 days of using it only once a day her skin was already looking better!!! Within a week it was no longer dry and looked amazing!!! I was so impressed that I started using it on a brownish dry patch of skin at my hairline. Within a couple of weeks, that dry patch was gone!!!! I would definitely recommend Moyaa Shea Butter to anyone with dry skin issues, it is AMAZING!!!! And no awful chemicals to worry about putting on your skin!! It has many uses that I'm excited to try as time goes on. Thanks Moyaa Shea Butter for putting the smile back on my daughter's face!!!

-- Katherine T.

Just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I’m enjoying using both the Moyaa soaps and Shea Butter. Just about finished my first jar of the Shea Butter and I`ve had fantastic results when dealing with my continuous hand problems! I’ve always had very dry skin on my hands and have battled with eczema on my right for over twenty years now and nothing would help. Part of my issue is the more I get my hands wet, the worse eczema gets. By continuously using the Shea Butter after washing my hands, eczema doesn't get anywhere like it was before. In fact, it just seems to clear itself up. The bad news, I`ll always have to deal with this annoying skin condition. The Good news, by using Moyaa Shea Butter, I will never have to deal with months of sore, bleeding and cracked skin again! Looking forward to trying the lavender one! Thank you so much, Take care, Shelly BC Canada