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People Helping People

At Moyaa, we’re trying to do more than simply make a profit--we strive to make a difference. As part of our heartfelt and sincere ethical business goals, we collaborate with the local and global community while upholding fair business practices.

We apply a fair trade framework when purchasing raw materials. In addition to supporting farmers and families directly in Uganda, we’ve identified several other ways to give back in gratitude for our success.

For every 1000 jars of Shea Butter we sell, we sponsor a student in Nicaragua and make a $50 donation to a local charity that touches our hearts.


Why Students in Nicaragua?

Kids of StarfishWe believe that children are the seeds of our future. In solidarity, we support young students in a distant community in order to empower them to go out and make a difference in our world.  We work with
Starfish Nicaragua, an organization founded by Suzanne Campbell, one of Moyaa’s longstanding customers and friend.

Sponsor a Student

Books StarfishOur donations to Starfish Nicaragua cover registration for both school semesters, a backpack, books, pencils, a scientific calculator (for students in grade 7 or higher), a new school uniform, good shoes, and everything that a student needs to be successful.


People Helping People