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Fundraising with Moyaa

Are you looking for an exceptional fundraising idea for your school, community group, or non-profit organization? Would your community appreciate an outstanding product that’s ethical, sustainable, and practices the principles of Fair Trade?

Instead of the usual chocolates or magazine subscriptions, Moyaa offers the chance to make a difference. The Moyaa Social Impact #PeopleHelpingPeople Fundraising Campaign offers students, teachers, and non-profit organizations the opportunity to raise money while also making an impact. For each jar sold, fundraisers will earn $5.00.

Empowering global citizens is the driving force behind our socially responsible enterprise. We believe in helping to improve people’s lives through Fair Trade and faith strengthens our resolve every day.

Moyaa Shea Butter is sold at $22.00 per jar, including HST. Customers receive the highest quality, all natural, Grade A moisturizer that’s excellent for face, body, and even hair. The product is ideal for both children and adults. It’s an organic, fairly traded, raw product that not only nourishes the skin, but also empowers a small community of Farmers in Northern Uganda who care for the Earth through sustainable harvesting of the Shea Nut Tree.

Students who are looking to raise funds for their academic year, sports teams, church programs, and community groups all benefit from our fundraising program while also offering real value to their community customers and making a positive impact in the world.  

Children are the seeds of our future. By supporting young students near and far, we’re empowering their success to go out and make a difference in our world. That’s why we’ve created a unique fundraising platform for all to use.

Moyaa Social Impact