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Fair Trade

What is Fair Trade?

Fair trade is a business model that is based on transparency, respect, and an open dialogue which works to build equity in the forms of trade that a business is involved in. The fair trade business model works to support and protect the rights of farmers and craftspeople in vulnerable communities globally. These communities are typically located in developing countries, who are socially and economically marginalized and often exploited.


Many businesses exploit labourers in countries without stringent labour laws or economic markets, forcing workers to manufacture goods for little to no pay. Fair trade also applies to the entire supply chain of an organization - from farming to manufacturing, to delivering, to final selling, the fair trade model seeks to ensure equity and justice through the entire process using the 10 principles of fair trade.



fair trade commitment

10 Principles of Fair Trade

To be classified as a fair trade business, businesses must:

  1. Create opportunities for disadvantaged producers
  2. Be transparent in management and commercial relations, and be accountable to all stakeholders
  3. Trade with social, economic, and environmental well-being of producers in mind, never seeking to maximize profit at the expense of marginalized labourers
  4. Purchase at a fair, negotiated price, and ensure that all labourers are paid fair wages
  5. Not use any child labour, or forced labour
  6. Commit to no discrimination, gender inequality or lack of freedoms in their business model
  7. Ensure good working conditions
  8. Build capacity for local producers to gain independence
  9. Promote fair trade
  10. Be environmentally sustainable in all business practices

Moyaa’s Commitment to Fair Trade

To us, it is important to support the hard-working farmers who care for the Earth through sustainable harvesting of the Shea Nut Tree. We make sure that your purchase from us helps to improve the lives of a community of farmers in Northern Uganda.

At Moyaa, our passion aligns with the principles of Fair Trade. Respect for the environment, good working conditions, fair payment and equality are of the utmost importance to us and are the driving force of our partnerships with communities in Northern Uganda.

It is a humbling and rewarding experience to work directly with the people who make our product possible, and ensuring they are fairly treated and compensated is a responsibility we take very seriously.

fair trade shea butter
Katharine Moyaa Testimonial