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Shea Nut TreeIt is well-documented that Northern Uganda has witnessed great unrest and instability in recent history.  From Idi Amin in the 70’s and Alice Lakwena in the 80’s, to Joseph Kony until 2006, the people in this region of East Africa have experienced much suffering. Many people lost their lives, while others were mutilated. Countless people were displaced. Thousands of children were kidnapped, often forced to become child soldiers or sex slaves.

However, things have changed! This area is finally experiencing a peace not seen for 40 years! Internally displaced persons (IDPs) are feeling secure enough to go home, farmers are returning to their land, and people are setting up businesses once again.

The Pader area of Northern Uganda is no different. After years of languishing in IDP camps, people have returned to their former homes and are striving to rebuild their lives. Despite many challenges, local entrepreneurs are finding creative means of establishing sustainable businesses. One such entrepreneur is Margaret.

Margaret Blessed OrganicsIn 2010, Margaret was instrumental in mobilizing women to harvest the fruit of the many Shea trees native to northern Uganda.  These trees had been untouched by the war, giving them a chance to mature and produce fruit. By collecting, drying, crushing, and pressing the nuts from the Shea fruit, the local people are able to produce Shea butter, a premium quality skin moisturizer that the people of that region call MOYAA.

Margaret has mobilized hundreds of local people, involving them in the production of Shea butter.  Her partnership with MOYAA Shea Products Ltd. was established in 2011 to assist in the development of a Canadian market for this highly valued body butter. When you purchase MOYAA Shea Butter, you not only buy an exceptional product, you also help to provide much-needed income to the people of the Pader area. You provide HOPE - hope generated by a sustainable and successful business model that allows people the dignity of working to support their families and to improve the quality of life within their communities.

Thank you for your interest in MOYAA Shea Butter.