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Bodhi Bar: Awakening to What Goes Into Our Body

Bodhi Bar Burlington

On my quest for a better, more organic lifestyle, I’m always looking for a simpler way of doing things. I love the idea of juicing and all the health benefits, but lets face it, it takes time and it makes a mess.  

Usually my experience has been to begin with great intentions, buy all the produce, start strong, and then by day two I’m running out the door, no time to juice, and having to compost $$ of organic produce.

You can imagine my delight when I was visiting my sister and she introduced me to the new local juice bar called Bodhi Bar in Burlington Ontario. I immediately signed up for a three day cleanse. And, because it was all done for me, I actually completed it and felt amazing!!!

I wanted to learn more about the owners journey into juicing, and after reading on their website that they had witnessed “the incredible health benefits of organic juicing as the foundation of a natural cancer therapy for their daughter, Ryan”, I knew I had to hear the story.

Naiomi and Duncan wanted to share the power of cold-pressed organic juicing with anyone who would listen!  So it was easy to get Naiomi to agree to an interview.

Here is what she had to say about her business, her journey, and her passion.

Q: Why did you name your company "Bodhi Bar"?

A: Bodhi is a Zen term that means an awakening or enlightenment. The silver lining to helping our daughter fight cancer was the new-found knowledge or the "awakening" to understanding the importance of what goes in and on our bodies! Organic cold-pressed juice is one of the very best things we can give ourselves to boost immunity, reduce inflammation, detoxify and rehydrate.

Q: Tell me about your Lifestyle and how it influences your brand?

A: Cool question! Our lifestyle is one of balance. We aren't perfect, but we try to exercise regularly and eat right. Moreover, we try to live our lives with gratitude. Our brand and even our logo represents an openness to take in the good and celebrate the benefits we are able to enjoy.

Q: Tell me about the startup phase of your business, how long have you been in business?

A: We opened our doors January 2nd 2016. After only being in business for a little over a half a year, we are excited about our continued growth. We loooove our customers and feel so fortunate to have a community filled with like-minded individuals travelling on a journey toward a healthier self.

Q: What are some changes you have made that have impacted the people around you and possibly your community?

A: It's truly inspirational stuff. In our May Spring Cleaning event, our cleansers lost over 100 lbs. collectively. Some of our cleansers reported clearer skin and clarity of mind. Our most "mature" customer, who's 92 years old, comes in almost daily. She reported that her Doctor was shocked to discover her eyesight had actually improved. She told her doctor with confidence that it was because of her daily dose of Bodhi Bar's Detox Concoction green juice!

Q: Do you have a social impact program or a give back program to better your community?

A: From minute one, we decided to always be conscientious about Mother Earth, not only by choosing organic fruits and vegetables, which is best for sustainability, but also to buy local as much as possible to lessen the footprint we leave behind, and we ensure our waste is either reusable or recyclable. Aside from that, we continue to encourage and support like-minded people who have a small business in the health and wellness area.

Q: Where are your ingredients sourced? 

A: We try to buy locally as much as possible and we are grateful to have options close by.

Q: Where do you see Bodhi Bar in 5 years? 10 years? 

A: There are very few juice bars out there that do what we do. Understanding the importance of using the very best organic plants and juicing to produce something full of live enzymes and phytonutrients. This juice is so powerful - it can prevent and even reverse disease. Our goal is to grow "organically" and expand geographically. It's going to be awesome!

Q: Aside from purchasing your tasty juice, what message does your brand want to translate to their customers?

A: We want to help lead our customers to be part of a growing health-conscious community. Our brand should represent the best quality product - it takes considerable effort and love that goes into every juice and smoothie. From hand selecting our plants daily, to cold pressing or blending on the spot for our customers; always trying to produce the freshest product available. We use no preservatives; we never pasteurize, nor use high-pressure processing. Trust me, its a challenging business plan to achieve, but it's what we know to be the very best and that's what we ant our brand to translate - the very best!

Q: My blog's name is Fair Living. I’m passionate about Fair Trade and bringing fairness into all aspects of my life. How do you define Fair Living?

A: For me, being Fair is about being ethical, genuine and having integrity. I love that you call your blog Fair Living, because our actions cannot be singular in this regard. "Fair" has to be the way we all live our lives in everything we do. The world would be such a different place if we all lived fairly. 

What an amazing story!

As for their daughter Ryan, she can be found behind the counter most days helping to serve customers. She graciously shares some of her personal struggles, and encourages people to a healthier way of life.

“If nature's goodness in a glass can help cure cancer, imagine the many other health benefits it can offer. Healthy weight loss, immune system boost, workout recovery, fighting other disease, and helping combat common cold and flu's...not to mention just looking and feeling great! “

Interested in learning more?  Check out their website, or visit them in Burlington.

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