How To Get Smoother, Glowing Skin with Moyaa

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Moyaa Shea Butter DIY Sugar Scrub Recipe

As the weather starts to warm and the birds start to chirp I immediately start to think of the warm days of summer....then I panic! Bathing suit season!! Ugh, who is with me here?? I love to hang out at the pool parties, the BBQ’s and head to the beach with my sons but I hate wearing a bathing suit! I used to love it when I was young, thin and had no cellulite lol but as we age our skin can change and leave us feeling a little self-conscious. Well, I’m here for you! With our DIY Sugar Body Scrub, you can flake off that dry dead skin and reveal a healthy glow at your next outing.

Our Moyaa's East African Shea Butter is an amazing base ingredient in this simple yet effective recipe. We use our Organic Essential Oils to help you improve circulation and stimulate your skin. We chose Organic Tea Tree oil for its antiseptic properties, Lavender for its ability to calm irritated skin and Peppermint for its antimicrobial and stimulating properties. We hope you enjoy this all Natural Sugar Scrub while enjoying a warm shower or bath.

3 Tbs of Moyaa’s Unscented Shea Butter
1 Tbs of Organic Brown Cane Sugar
2 drops of Moyaa Organic Tea Tree Oil
2 Drops of Moyaa Organic Lavender Oil
2 Drops of Moyaa Organic Peppermint Oil

Combine Ingredients in a reusable jar and stir well
Wet skin
Using a dry spatula apply a little off the mixture to your fingertips
Rub in a circular motion notice it forms a creamy paste, massage gently into skin
Rinse using a warm wet muslin cloth

Enjoy the silky soft summer-ready skin!

Note this does not contain a persevative so must be used up within a few weeks  Using a clean dry spatula and avoiding getting water in it will help keep it fresh  


DIY Sugar Scrub Recipe