Get Relief from Sore Muscles and Joint Pain with Moyaa Shea Butter

Posted by Debbie van Grieken on

Raw Premium Shea Butter like Moyaa has high levels of vitamins A and E which means it is high in antioxidants and can help with many issues in the skin. The wonders of Shea Butter doesn't stop at your skin as it actually has many incredible uses because of its unique properties.

How Does Shea Butter Help?

Many RMTʼs (registered massage therapists) use Moyaa Shea in their practice because Grade A Shea contains Stigmasterol which acts like an anti-stiffness compound. Shea Butter applied to the body in a massage treatment can have benefits beyond great moisturizing qualities and provides therapeutic relief from sore, tired and overworked muscles. Moyaa Shea contains cinnamic acid which acts as an anti-inflammatory for both your skin and your sore tired muscles. When you use Moyaa infused with Organic Peppermint oil it also helps to cool and soothe the pain the inflammation causes.

How Do Shea Butter's Differ From One Another?

Did you know that not all Shea Butters are created equal? The American Shea Butter Institute in Atlanta Georgia has been studying Shea Butter for years and uses a class system to grade the Shea Butter from A to F. Grade A is premium quality and Grade F has little to no healing properties and should only be used as a moisturizer.

No time for a professional massage? Moyaa is great for at home relief as well. Have your partner use your Moyaa Shea Butter during a massage and reap all the benefits. Release the tensions of the day with our lavender infused shea and sail off into a beautiful nightʼs sleep.