5 Tips on Hosting a “Green” Baby or Bridal Shower

Posted by Debbie van Grieken on

In a little over a year I have hosted a bridal shower for my new daughter in law and then a couple of weeks ago hosted her baby shower! Count down to Grandma is on!! As I was preparing for these fun milestones I realized how our desire for convenience has really affected our environment and I decided to educate myself and make some more eco conscious choices when it comes to entertaining. Iʼd love to share with you some tips that helped me throw two fun events that showered my daughter in law with love but was also loving to Mother Earth.

Invitations, Food, Decorations, Presents and Clean Up

Invitations! Ditch the paper invitations. There are some great online tools to create fun electronic invitations check this one out here.

I chose to set up a Facebook event and personally called those not on social media. By not sending out paper invitations through the mail it saved trees and emissions as it was not delivered through the mail. 

Food! I chose to have an afternoon shower so the food was light fare. I only made vegan options so the menu included vegan Chili, Leek and Potato soup as the main dishes and organic veggies and fruit to compliment. Did you know that having one vegan meal a day cuts 3000 gallons of water and save 16 pounds of grain? The food was so tasty no one even noticed that there was no meat in the chilli. Instead of cheese and kielbasa I served crackers and hummus. So tasty! 

For the desserts we used a local chocolatier who also made our organic fruit platters. Choosing Fair Trade Chocolate is a great option and helps both the people who produce it and the planet as part of the Fair Trade principles is to use environmentally friendly practices. I chose to serve Fair Trade Coffee and Tea and provided water in a fillable jug. No plastic cups or cutlery. We did use paper napkins but Iʼm looking into making cloth napkins for my future parties. Itʼs not about being perfect its about making real and sustainable changes. 

Decorations! Creating a fun atmosphere for the party is half the fun but can also create a lot of environmental waste. I entertain a lot as I have a large family so I tend to look for decorations that can be reused for several occasions. Iʼm most known for always having a photo booth at our parties. Made from recycled wood and curtains I used to rent one until my hubby decided he had enough stuff around the barn to make one for us. Photo booths are fun and encourages people to get together for pictures and memory making. I use reusable chalkboard signs or in the case of the baby shower I bought signs and they have already been reused at another shower!

Avoid the use of balloons and streamers! I feel a little guilty about all the times I did that when my boys were growing up but now I donʼt include them in my decor ever. 

I like to use a lot of Fair Trade treasures I have in my decorating so large handwoven baskets hold favours for the quests. I gave each guest a Moyaa Shea Butter Soap (From My Shower To Yours) in reusable bags. It was so fun and everyone loved them!

Instead of using cut flowers I decided to use potted plants and Mums. I borrowed some from family and friends to fill in the space and create a burst of colour. It also happened to be my daughter in laws favourite flower!

Presents! The presents are definitely the fun part especially for the guest of honour! Things you can do to encourage “green” gift giving are create a registry. This helps avoid waste right off the bat because the bride or mamma to be is getting exactly what they asked for and needed. Usually there is a shipping option and the present gets sent directly to the recipient and you can print out a little picture or card to give at the shower.

Say no to wrapping paper! Wrap small gifts in blankets or dishcloths. Get creative or if youʼre like me just forgo the wrapping paper I hate surprises anyway. Another great option is to put it in a storage bin that can be reused! Or a reusable shopping bag maybe handmade from a local artisan or repurposed from a t-shirt, check out these cool bags here.

Clean Up! After throwing the best party it's time for the clean up! Choosing eco friendly cleaning supplies will help with the mess and not add further mess to our environment! You can make cleaners using simple ingredients like distilled water, apple cider vinegar and a blend of Moyaa Essential Oils check for recipes on our website.

When disposing of food waste be sure to compost did you know that composting is an effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By composting, the generation of greenhouse gasses, particularly methane, is avoided.

So next time you get to throw a party or a shower think of ways to lower your environmental footprint. Small changes can have a big impact. Would you like to track how your actions can reduce emissions? Check out this app by Random Acts of Green. When you track your small acts you can earn points to unlock discounts from Green Businesses like Moyaa Shea Products! A fun and Informative activity for the whole family! Hereʼs to many celebrations I hope they are a special time with your loved ones.